Shotgun specs: 9 new models for 2017

The number of new shotguns this year doesn't begin to rival the number of new rifle introductions, but some noteworthy and newsworthy offerings are launching throughout the price spectrum. In the market? Here's a look at several shotguns seen and handled during the recent Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trades, or SHOT, Show in Las Vegas, presented in alphabetical order: BENELLI SUPER BLACK EAGLE 3 Photo Credit: Manufacturer What: Benelli wanted to make a big splash with this sweet-shooting shotgun, and they're succeeding. I shot some 20 target rounds through this 12-gauge semiautomatic and it points impeccably well. Felt recoil, at least with these lighter loads, was extremely gentle. The ori

Military Times 2017 sporting rifle guide

A trip to Las Vegas in January for the 39th Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show – better known as SHOT Show – gave us an opportunity to examine and shoot many of the new firearms heading to market in 2017. Some 1,600 companies showed their wares to more than 65,000 industry and media members at the show, which has seen an expansion in tactical and law enforcement gear for the last 15 or so years. Increasingly, items made for the tactical side are becoming "crossovers" to the sport shooting and outdoors market; the number of tactical-styled rifles and assorted bling had some pundits quipping that maybe it's time to change the name to the "SWAT Show." Long range hunting rifles aren't immu

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