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New Shotguns 2018 Overview

This was a good year for new shotgun introductions, as well as some nice line extensions from some great manufacturers. We'll be taking some of Mossberg's new 28 gauge guns, including a new bantam/youth model, to South America to give them a workout with perdiz, doves and ducks. Stand by for more on that trip. Here's a link to the new shotgun guide I developed for militarytimes.com. Good gunning! New Shotguns 2018 Guide #BestNewShotguns

Cobia - Summertime King of the Chesapeake is a Royal Dining Treat When Grilled and Dilled

When it comes to summertime saltwater fishing in the Lower and Middle Chesapeake Bay, the hard-fighting cobia is the undisputed king. Cobia, now managed by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission is a popular gamefish from Florida to Maryland. The species grows fast, aggressively hits both live bait and big bucktail jigs, and is delicious when grilled or smoked. The limit in Virginia is one fish longer than 40 inches long per person per day. That one fish will yield several meals of succulent steaks. One thing to remember about cobia, though, is that it doesn’t freeze that well. It’ll keep for a couple months in a well-sealed - ideally vacuum-sealed package - but like any fish, it’s

There's Gould's in Them Thar Hills! The Feathered Treasures of the Sierra Madres

If I’ve learned one thing traveling to distant places to hunt, fish or just experience another culture and cuisine, it’s that the people living in those destinations are what set the lesson apart. Sure, there can be exciting moments in the field with incredible spectacles put on by wildlife, but for me the most lasting moments seem to be those where I’ve gained insight from people, some of whom might first appear to be worlds away from you. Last year I joined a group of hunters and outdoors communicators in Sonora, Mexico at Rancho Mababi, an incredibly productive, well-managed ranch loaded with cattle, sheep, Coues deer and wild turkeys. Our host was Linda Powell, of O.F. Mossberg & Sons an