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Get Ragin' Cajun with this Tasty Take on Wild Turkey Jambalaya - Me Oh My Oh

Many who haven’t ventured into Cajun country or restaurants featuring that uniquely-styled, spicy fare likely have their entire knowledge of jambalaya informed by the hit song by the late Hank Williams Sr, who reportedly adapted an old Cajun melody with some new words. To Hank’s credit, jambalaya does match well with sharing a bowl of gumbo, crawfish pie, and good times with a “cher amio” (girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, etc.). Jambalaya can be cooked in small batches indoors or in big pots over an outdoor flame. It is one of those “one pot” meals and is said to have been derived from paella, reflecting the Spanish influence in southern Louisiana. Cooking should be fun, adaptable to individua

Hunt Test: Bergara Rifle and Zeiss Optics in Africa & Kansas - a Keeper Kudu & a Ken Uh-Oh

It's interesting to introduce experienced hunters and shooters to a new, unfamiliar rifle and, after they inspect it, ask, "So what do you think this would cost?" I did just that in South Africa in August 2015, showing guides and other hunters at Phillip Bronkhorst Safaris the new Bergara B14 Timber rifles. The answers ranged from $1,300 to $2,300. And their eyebrows arched when I disclosed that the rifle had a manufacturer's suggested retail price of just under a grand and was actually selling at retail for about $775. Yes, paired with a new Zeiss Conquest HD5 scope, it made for an impressive hunting combo. A version of this hunting adventure and gear review appeared in Safari Club Internat