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  • By Ken Perrotte

Ruger's New AR-556-MPR Is Loaded; With Premium Features That Is - See Review & Link

I traveled to the Gunsite Academy, near Prescott, Arizona, a couple months ago where I joined other gun and hunting writers in trying out 3 new Ruger rifles topped with FLIR thermal optics. These included the AR-556-MPR, the PC Carbine (which fires 9mm Luger rounds and breaks down for easy packing) and the new Precision Rifle. I have to say the 555-MPR was my favorite. It's designed for the competition "3-Gun" market, but it could easily become a top choice for varmint hunters, or if they ever make the rifle in a more potent caliber, a go-to firearm for hog hunters, when equipped with a quality thermal or night vision optic.

BTW--The rural Arizona night sky is ablaze with stars even with the naked eye. When viewed through night vision binoculars, it becomes doubly stunning as the optics detect and amplify light from stars most of us never see. It was, simply, incredible and awe-inspiring.

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