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  • Ken Perrotte

Asado Life Bringing Masterful Argentine Grilling Styles and Flavors to St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine is one of my favorite cities to visit - so much history, architecture, beautiful water, great food.

Speaking of great food, we recently visited Asado Life, a new lifestyle restaurant in St. Augustine, Florida, bringing masterful Argentine grilling styles and flavors to new audiences. It specializes in amazing, wood-fired, grilled meats and fish. It is destination dining and the restaurant offers fixed price meals and lunches, including incredible tomahawk steaks, whole red snapper grilled while wrapped around a pineapple and more. They offer lunch and dinner menus, plus a unique "Barcuterie" smaller plate deal.

But, for me anyway, the major attraction is the opportunity to eat outdoors, along the San Sebastian River, as chefs prepare your food over the grills. Special "Masters of Fire and Ice" events bring in top chefs and bartenders from around the country to design, cook and serve unique meals paired with cocktails created to specifically created to complement the meats, fish and vegetables.

In the video accompanying this blog, co-owner Nick Carerra did a big favor and fired up one of the outdoor grills to cook mangrove snapper we caught two days earlier in Islamorada. Now, Asado Life isn't a "Cook Your Catch" type of restaurant, although many restaurants in coastal Florida, especially tourist destinations in the Keys, do just that. Now, Asado Life is really geared to grilling more substantial pieces of protein -- but the mangrove snapper was delicious.

If you want to experience fantastic South American styled grilled meals, put Asado Life on your destination list. See And for more cooking, including wild fish and game, hunting and fishing adventures and travel, please subscribe to Please subscribe to our YouTube channel, too!

holding cutting board with grilled fish and vegetables


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