• Ken Perrotte

Crappie Fishing the Historic Chickahominy River - Stately Cypress Trees, Scenic Beauty, Hungry Fish

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Virginia’s Chickahominy River and its 1,230-acre impoundment, Lake Chickahominy Virginia are cypress-laden wonderlands nestled between Colonial Williamsburg and the City of Richmond. The river has a storied past. Indian tribes lived along the tidal rivers and the ‘Chick’ is where English settler and explorer Capt. John Smith and his party were captured in 1607 by a hunting party and taken to the powerful Chief Powhatan. Smith obviously didn’t find his passage to the Pacific Ocean but had he an inkling to wet a line he would have found the waters teeming with fish. Anglers today can find 10-pound largemouth bass, pickerel and abundant panfish, including black crappie.

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crappie fishing Virginia Lake Chickahmony