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  • Ken Perrotte

OBX Tuna Fishing - Cranking in Bigeyes Leaves You with Numb Arms and Ready for a Beer

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

This short video from our June 2021 trip into the Atlantic Ocean from North Carolina's Outer Banks almost never got put together. We were fishing (again) aboard Trophy Hunter, captained by Kenneth Brown with his son Will (now also a captain). Yellowfin and bigeye were in the area, as were the usual taxmen, the sharks.

I shot video with both my 35mm DSLR and my smartphone. All video and images from the smartphone were lost and unrecoverable later that summer during a transfer error. It's too bad, because there were a couple scenes of massive bigeye tuna erupting from the water, chasing the flying fish lure Will was dangling beneath a kite. Still, I got a few segments, enough to let you get the feel and flavor of the expedition. The highlight was Richard Holman's citation bigeye - about 138 pounds as I recall. He was wore out and enjoyed a well-deserved cold beer after cranking in that fish. Our next offshore trip is scheduled for mid-October. Here's hoping for good weather and good fishing!

Harke in beast mode...

Hope you enjoy the video.


I'll happily pose with anyone's big fish - LOL!


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