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  • Ken Perrotte

Retailers Share Their Views on the Hottest Archery Gear Trends for the Fall of 2020

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

The market for archery equipment, including gear used in competition, recreational shooting and bowhunting, has held its own in recent years with some analysts forecasting up to 8.5% growth through 2022 -- although those estimates were pre-COVID-19 pandemic.

An influx of women shooters, not unlike that seen in the firearms industry, is contributing to market trends. Additionally, governments, schools and various archery federations are part of an institutional bulwark that serves to promote development and growth of stick and string activities.

We asked three retailers what they are seeing and stocking, and how they try to meet the needs of this important market sector...

Click on any photo to see this article as it appeared in Shooting Industry magazine.


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