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  • By Ken Perrotte

Duck & Goose Season from a "Hat Cam" Perspective - Looks Like a Waterfowl Dream

I first met then Marine Corps Lt. Col Mark Mackey several years ago when I heard about his solo exploits in hunting big alligators at night in the marshes and bayous of Florida. He'd snag gators (only those 10-foot and bigger) and then fight them with a stout tuna fishing rod and reel until he could work them to the water surface and finish them off. Mackey has always lived to hunt. Now retired and living in his native Wisconsin, he's deer and waterfowl hunting with a gusto to be envied. He's taken to wearing a video camera on his cap that gives the viewer a nice point of view on the action. This compilation piece from his 2015 goose and duck season will have lots of waterfowlers envious. Look for more Mackey videos in the future. He's graciously said we could share them at the Outdoors Rambler. Nine minutes of bird shooting action. - Mackey is quick with the pump shotgun followups!

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