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  • Ken Perrotte

Islamorada Jet Ski Tour with Spray Watersports -- 26-Mile Exciting Adventure into Beautiful Waters

A summer 2023 trip to Islamorada, Florida, often called the Sportfishing Capital of the World, sure saw some hot temperatures. The fishing was slow with the hot weather but nothing cooled you off as much as an exhilarating 90-minute, 26-mile guided adventure with Spray Watersports.

customers get ready to leave marina
Visitors Getting Ready to Launch!

We compress a 26-mile, 90-minute Jet Ski Tour adventure around Islamorada, Florida, with Spray Watersports into a couple of minutes.

David White makes a tight turn

The tour takes you to both the Atlantic Ocean and Florida Bay sides of Islamorada and around places like Lignumvitae Key and the famous Islamorada sandbar. It's been years since Outdoors Rambler has been on personal watercraft and after a few minutes of figuring out everything, it was time to try out the performance and maneuvering capabilities of these fun machines. Any high-speed turns and pivots we attempted were done in calm waters and, at least, a mile away from any boaters or swimmers. The goal was to throw a little water and Spray Watersports tour guide David White expertly showed the performance capabilities and handling. The maneuvers he was doing are recommended only for experts. The experience hearkened me back to my younger years growing up in the northeastern United States. We had snowmobiles and tended to run them fast and a little fearless (but not reckless) in those days. You don't have to make quite turns and throw water to have fun with Spray Watersports' machines. Simple cruising is fun and exhilarating. White made the trip fun and educational.

tours visit the Islamorada sandbar
The Famous Islamorada Sandbar

A highlight of this weekday morning adventure was idling into the famous Islamorada sandbar. On weekends and special holidays, this place is packed with boats and partygoers. The sandy bottom looks crystal white and the white is the cliche "gin clear." It's a great place to "park" your jet ski, hop off, wade, swim, snorkel, whatever.

Islamorada Jet Ski Tour

Our top speed traveling around the islands and waterways was about 47 miles per hour. The machines really handled best once they got up on plane and you were doing in the mid-30s. I really liked the 42-44 MPH range.

After our 90-minute tour, one family of four went back into the office and immediately booked another tour for the next day. They also offer rentals for people who want to head off on their own. See more about them at Please subscribe to this website and our companion YouTube channel. Thanks for reading and watching. Enjoy the outdoors!

zipping around Lignumvitae Key


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